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Tahini Halva is one of the original Iranian nutrients that has a high nutritional value. This product is very rich of benefits and energetic consumed at breakfast. Tahini Halva was first prepared and produced by Sheikh Bahaei during the sovereignty of Shah Abbas with the help of the confectioners in the Safavid palace. At that time, Tahini Halva was produced by combining the sesame paste and the natural syrups, which was given their soldiers as an enriched meal.

Tahini is a creamy liquid that is prepared by grinding the sesame seeds. Tahini is produced by combining Tahini with various syrups, such as grape syrup and condiments, i.e. cardamom, vanilla and acanthophyllum extract.

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Tahini Halva has a warm temperament, also it is very nutritious, high-quality and delicious product. Therefore it has been very popular since ancient times. We advise you, dear customers, not to neglect the consumption of this product in any way, because its consumption enhances the memory, reduces osteoporosis, increases metabolism and sexual stamina, etc.

Currently in this article we discuss some features of Tahini Halva and its storage conditions; please continue reading until the end of this article, dear customer.

Tahini Halva and its benefits

Tahini Halva is a nutritious and very delicious nutrient that you can taste it in all your meals or snacks, especially breakfast. Tahini has many magical benefits and it is highly recommended in traditional medicine.

Sesame is one of the main and most important raw materials in the preparation of Tahini Halva and other sesame products. Among the benefits of sesame seeds can be lowering blood cholesterol, reducing osteoporosis, strengthening bones, strengthening memory, increasing fertility in couples, eliminating iron deficiency in the blood, treating and preventing neurological diseases, cancer prevention, etc.

Tahini Halva has warm temperament, so its consumption by people with cold temperament is very useful and necessary. It will also soften the parts of the body suffering from spasm and it will reduce swelling in different parts of the body, either internal or external.

How to store Tahini Halva?

Tahini should be kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight. When buying, please pay attention to the expiration date.
Tahini contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, so when exposed to hot air and direct sunlight, its inner fats combine with oxygen and it tastes bad.
It should be noted that Tahini can be used for a longer period of time, if you store it in a suitable place, for example in refrigerator.
However, if after a while you see some oil on the Tahini, do not worry at all, because it is an inherent natural feature of Tahini. The inner oil of Tahini is the famous sesame oil that has many vitamins. In such cases, before consumption, you can mix the oil with Tahini and then eat it or you can separate the oil from Tahini and use its oil as a liquid oil.

Types of Tahini Halva

There are different types of Tahini that we discuss in the following:
Sugary Tahini Halva
Sugary Tahini is a solid product with a fibrous appearance. To produce this product, first sugar, liquid glucose and citric acid are boiled together, then the resulting mixture is mixed with Tahini.
Sugar-free Tahini Halva
Sugar-free Tahini, like Sugary Tahini, has a solid texture and a fibrous appearance. With the difference that to produce this product, first alcoholic sugars and citric acid are cooked together, then after a while, the obtained syrup is traditionally combined with Tahini.
Alcoholic sugars taste like sugar, but have less energy than sugar, but prevent tooth decay.
Soft Tahini Halva
Soft Tahini by its name is defined as a soft and uniform product without a fibrous appearance. To produce this product, first sugar, rose extract, egg white powder and citric acid are mixed and cooked together, then the resulting mixture is mixed with Tahini and mixed by hand in a completely traditional way.
Elastic Tahini Halva
Elastic Tahini is another type of Tahini that is elastic due to some substances in it. This type of Tahini has a unique and good taste. Elastic Tahini is mostly produced in the cities of Zarghan, Shiraz and Behbahan.
Tahini Halva with Natural Syrups
Different sweetening ingredients are used to prepare different types of Tahini. A variety of syrups such as grape syrup is among the natural sweeteners used in the preparation of Tahini that increase the benefits of the product. The use of these syrups makes the taste of Tahini more delicious and improves its smoothness, as well.
To produce Tahini Halva, after cooking natural syrups and mixing them with Tahini, they should be mixed together traditionally by hand. This type of Tahini Halva is named according to the syrup used in it.

Where does the best Tahini Halva in Iran belong?

In different countries, there are countless types of Tahini, which are produced industrially or traditionally, but the types of Tahini Halva mentioned above are among the most widely used and famous in Iran.
Today, few people have passed through the center of Iran, but have not tasted its sweet and hearty souvenirs.
It is true that the famous souvenirs of Yazd are sweets, such as Qotab, Loz and Pashmak, but next to them, sesame products, such as Tahini and Tahini Halva are among the exclusive souvenirs of one of the cities of this province, which is Ardakan. Ardakan city is a city at the northern gates of Yazd province.
The sesame production industry in Ardakan city has a very long history and most experts mention Ardakan city as the center of sesame products in Iran.


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