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The sesame and sesame products, such as the sesame oil are among the most nutritious foods, which is rich of magical wonderful benefits for the body. The memory enhancement and increased learning, the blood pressure control, skin and hair care, anti-cancer, the increase of blood circulation, etc. are among unique benefits of this sesame product.

It is recommended for the women during pregnancy to consume the appropriate amounts of sesame and the sesame products, such as the sesame oil, because it has many benefits for the health of mother and fetus, which we discuss henceforth. As mentioned, the sesame and the sesame oil have unique features and warm temperament, so its use fortifies the sexual stamina and treats the infertility and unproductiveness of men and women.

Additionally in this commentary, we discuss some of the features of sesame oil for the sexual stamina and the treatment of infertility in men and women and also we explain why it is necessary to consume this product during pregnancy. So keep reading to the end of this article for more information.

Sesame products as the most essential nutrient to maintain health:

The consumption of sesame and sesame oil provides calcium, folic acid, iron and zinc, reducing the bad cholesterol, increasing the good cholesterol, increases metabolism, prevents osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, etc.
Therefore the sesame products are seen as the main nutrients to maintain the health.

Benefits of sesame oil for the treatment of infertility in men:

Nowadays, Sexual problems are very common in men and women, the main reason is the coldness of genitals. Coldness of genitals in men causes less sexual desire, the premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc.
The approaches to treat the infertility in men:
• Massage the waist, abdomen, penis, testicles, groin and around it with sesame oil.
• Eat plenty of raisins and chickpeas daily.
• Never forget to eat 3 dates daily, 7 figs at night, 7 olives at morning.
• Eat almond stew (Fesenjan) 2–3 times per week.
• Eat chickpea broth 3 times per week. Chickpea broth is one of the most effective ways to treat infertility.
• Mix a cup of chickpeas, onion, sesame oil, salt, black pepper and water, then cook and eat.
• Eat Tahini with grape syrup for breakfast 3–4 times per week.
• Do not eat any foods with cold temperament for at least 40 sequential nights.

Benefits of sesame oil for treatment of female infertility:

According to the traditional medicine, the main cause of impotence in women is excessive use of cold foods. Accordingly we intend to discuss some strategies to increase women's sexual potency:
• Mix a glass of fennel juice with a teaspoon of honey, then consume it. It is notable that the use of this product during menstruation increases the amount of bleeding. Therefore it is not recommended to be consumed during menstruation.
• Consume the sesame oil instead of other oils.
• Mix a proper amount of Tahini with grape syrup and consume it in 5 breakfasts for one week.
• Never forget to eat 3 dates, 21 raisins and 14 almonds during the day, 7 figs at night, 7 olives in mornings.
• Use and inhale warm aromas.
• Avoid foods with cold temperament, especially at dinner.
• Mix asparagus root with ginger powder and dissolve in a cup of milk and eat with 3–4 dates.

Benefits of sesame oil during pregnancy for mother and fetus:

Sesame products and sesame oil have many benefits for the body and are recommended for pregnant women. In addition, the use of sesame oil during pregnancy provides the minerals and vitamins required by the fetus. Similarly, because this oil contains fatty acids, it has a positive effect on the development of the fetal nervous system.

Supply of vitamins needed by body

Sesame and sesame oil are rich sources of calcium, protein, amino acids and vitamins B, C and E. also they contain the nutrients and minerals needed by the mother's body.
Sesame seeds contain a combination of unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and a large amount of vitamins. B vitamins have very important role in the fetal development and the health of pregnant women. Also pregnant women are always recommended to consume folic acid and vitamin E during pregnancy. Since the sesame seeds contain the abovementioned vitamins, their consumption during pregnancy is essential for the health of mother and fetus.

Supply of calcium needed by body

Calcium is one of the most important substances for the mother and the fetus, which must be provided during pregnancy and its proper amount consumption will increase the IQ of the fetus. It also contributes to the nutritious growth of the fetus.
The fetus's nervous system is developing in the last 3 months of pregnancy and needs more calcium and vitamins. Use of 30 grams of sesame seeds provides 25% of calcium needed by the mother's body, which is equal to drinking one third of a glass of milk.

Supply of iron needed by body

In addition to the above benefits, sesame and sesame oil are an excellent source of copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium for the mother and the fetus. During pregnancy, the volume of blood almost doubles and the fetal blood cells and their blood flow are formed. Therefore, iron deficiency is one of the most serious problems that pregnant women face. For this reason, daily use of 30 grams of sesame provides one-fifth of women's iron needs.

Can pregnant women consume the foods prepared with sesame oil or not?

Yes. Consumption of the foods prepared with sesame oil for women during pregnancy is safe and thus the healthy and necessary fats are provided for the body during this period. It is also very useful and effective for the development of the fetal brain.


Remember that you should not use chemical or herbal medicines arbitrarily during pregnancy, because it will have negative effects on the bodies of the mother and fetus. Also you should not overeat plant-based foods and nutrients. During pregnancy, it is the best recommendation to refer and get advice from a doctor about the amount of medication, food or supplements.
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