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Roasted sesame
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Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties of Sesame:
- A good source of copper, calcium (three times more than milk), magnesium, and zinc
- Rich in vitamin B and vitamin E
- Preventing blood pressure due to its sesamin and sesamolin components;
- Preventing migraine headaches;
Some pharmaceutical properties of the honey are as follows:
Honey is a significant substance for cleansing digestive system.
Those suffering from migraine attacks could take a spoon of honey dissolved in hot water at the beginning of the migraine attack, especially when it is caused by stress.
Honey helps skin rejuvenation.
With consideration of the above properties for sesame and honey, we realized that a combination of these two nourishing substances has several incredible effects. Moreover, honey-and-sesame bar is a magical and delicious food. You should try this delicious bar only once to become a fixed customer of this product.