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Halva Shekari
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Online Shopping of Halva Shekari:

One of the most delicious and rich sesame-based products is Halva Shekari. This product is rich in protein and many vitamins and has high nutritional value.
In this paper, we refer to some magical properties and nature of Halva Shekari. Moreover, we will explain the difference between Halva Shekari and Tahini Halva; so, follow us for more information.

Halva Shekari:

Rich in lecithin, vitamins E, D, and B, Halva Shekari is one of best nutrients for breakfast. This sesame-based product is rich in proteins, vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids.
Halva Shekari is made and produced from a mixture of ground sesame with grape syrup and/or sugar. Each gram of Halva Shekari has 5 calories and 30% fat.

Nutritional Value of Halva Shekari: 

As mentioned earlier, Halva Shekari is made from sesame. Therefore, it has all properties and vitamins found in sesame, including proteins, vitamins B, A and D, lecithin, and saturated or unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic aci

Nature of Halva Shekari:                        

Halva Shekari has a hot nature; therefore, it suits people with cold nature. 

Unique Properties of Halva Shekari for people with cold nature:

Halva Shekari is hard to digest; therefore, using it in one of the daily meals, especially breakfast, controls appetite and prolongs the desire to take food. Therefore, those intending to go on a diet, especially those with cold nature, are advised to use this product. 

Incredible benefits and properties of Halva Shekari during pregnancy:

Sesame seeds and products are rich in calcium and pregnant women can supply 25% of the calcium needed for their body and their fetus’s health by taking 30 grams of sesame seed.
One of the most vital substances required in human body, especially in pregnant women’s body, is calcium. Halva Shekari and Tahini Halva are rich in calcium so their consumption is highly recommended to pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. More importantly, using these two sesame products increases the intelligence quotient of the fetus and enhances the memory.
Pregnant women who suffer from anemia or iron deficiency can consume Tahini Halva and Halva Shekari in their daily meals as a food supplement. In addition, consumption of these foods boosts the immune system of mothers and their fetuses.

Benefits and Magical Properties of Halva Shekari for Fetus:

During the last trimester of pregnancy, brain and neural system of the fetus evolves. Therefore, mothers are required to consume more calcium to protect themselves and to help with the growth of their fetuses.

Some other Benefits and Properties of Halva Shekari:

- Eating Halva Shekari in breakfast increases sexual desire and strengthens the body.
- To soften the internal and external inflammations, it is recommended to use Halva Shekari.
- To treat uterus diseases, women are advised to consume Halva Shekari. Moreover, it increases menstrual flow.
- Eating Sugar Halva helps in treatment of anemia and iron deficiency; therefore, its consumption is highly recommended to women.
- If cold-natured people eat Halva Shekari, their joint and bone pains decrease.
- Those suffering from numbness, torpidity, and paralysis are advised to include Halva Shekari in their diet.
- One of the other benefits of Halva Shekari is reduction of hypertension.
- Those suffering from liver and kidney disorders are advised to use Halva Shekari.
- Halva Shekari is reach in calcium and zinc and its consumption strengthens bones and teeth.
- Those suffering from constipation are advised to eat Halva Shekari.
- Sugar Halva is high in calories; therefore, children and old people are recommended to eat it to meet their need to energy.
- Eating Halva Shekari enhances memory; therefore, it can help boosting learning power, memory, and metal function.

The difference between Tahini Halva and Halva Shekari:

Tahini Halva: Ground sesame, raisin extract, egg, cardamom, and acanthophyllum are used in preparation of Tahini Halva. It is a nourishing product.
Halva Shekari: Sugar Halva is the same as Tahini Halva, with the only difference being that sugar replaces the raisin extract. Therefore, it is not recommended to diabetic patients.

Final Word:

In this paper, we explained about sugar Halva and its magical properties. We wish you include these nourishing sesame products in your diet. Please share your comments and suggestions in regards to all published papers of Torang Website so that we provide you with more effective and invaluable services.